-Peter C. Rousos

Written by buff_admin on August 22, 2016

“I chaired the Search Committee of the Nashville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. We were seeking a new Chief Executive Officer following the resignation of the predecessor CEO. After interviewing several search firms, the Committee selected Mr. Roland Lundy of The Buffkin Group. The Committee had committed to complete the search process in 75 days. That meant not only interviewing and selecting the candidate, but having that candidate interviewed and approved by our regional and national offices.

Mr. Lundy did an extremely thorough job of soliciting candidates, screening all 62 applicants, providing detailed written reports to the Committee, doing thorough and useful background investigations, and working closely with the Committee as it selected six candidates for final interviews. All six were excellent candidates. Bottom Line: We completed the hiring process in the allotted 75 days. The performance of Mr. Lundy and The Buffkin Group was truly exceptional. Our thanks to them for their great work on this very important project.”