-G. Robert Morris

Written by buff_admin on August 22, 2016

“Our experience with The Buffkin Group could not have been more positive. Executive searches are a challenging and time consuming process in any case and when the search process must be driven through board members, all of whom are volunteering their time to support a not for profit, it is critically important that the search process be streamlined and effectively managed. Roland Lundy took the time interview our management team and our board members in order to get a clear picture of the our organization’s management structure and the personalities and strengths of our management team before he began the search. Using this analysis coupled with his own judgment, contacts, and industry knowledge Roland was able to carefully focus the search process and quickly lead us to the perfect candidate. Roland took a leadership role in not only identifying and vetting candidates but in helping our organization make some strategic decisions along the way. He accomplished all of this while limiting the demands he made on our board and management. The results have exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend Roland and The Buffkin Group to any organization looking for management talent.”