• Once mere rubber stamps for senior management teams, today’s boards—both nonprofit and corporate—are true governance bodies dealing with critical organizational and strategic issues. There is a distinct convergence of requirements among nonprofit and corporate boards; both now demand not just a “name,” but real analytical, financial and business acumen.
  • Workforce transformation, crisis response, new technology, economic pressures, global business trends, shareholder activism, and social responsibility along with sophisticated fiduciary oversight and business fundamentals, are just a handful of the issues modern boards of all types grapple with regularly.
  • Buffkin/Baker’s Governance team of seasoned experts has decades of experience helping corporations and nonprofits shape effective boards by helping clients identify the mix of strategic, cultural and business challenges that are unique to them.
  • Through our extensive network of contacts, we recruit top notch executives with diverse backgrounds and exceptional skills to help our clients meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges in protecting and building their brands.
  • Our expertise in board-building, our ability to help clients identify their governance challenges, coupled with our access to exceptional executive talent and our commitment to superior client service make Buffkin/Baker’s Governance team an invaluable resource to our clients.